FNCL’s role is to represent all dairy cooperatives, which collect milk and also mostly process milk into dairy products (yoghurt, butter, cheese, etc.).

FNCL's actions


  • Support and defend the material and moral interests of dairy cooperatives in technical, economic, legal, fiscal and employment terms.
  • Represent dairy cooperatives vis-à-vis trade organizations at the national and European levels, as well as vis-à-vis authorities.
  • Contribute to the development of dairy cooperatives, by providing information, advice and support for their projects.
  • Promote the status of dairy cooperatives and their business model.

FNCL represents dairy cooperatives within:

  • Coop de France, the unitary trade organization for farming cooperation.
  • The French umbrella organization for the dairy industry (CNIEL)
  • The French National Association of Food Industries (ANIA)

To defend their collective interests in the technical, economic, regulatory and fiscal fields, FNCL and the French National Federation of Dairy Industries (FNIL) created the French Association of Dairy Processors (ATLA). While they have different ways of doing business, the members of these federations carry out the same occupations of collecting, processing and selling milk within the same market.

Some brands

Agrilait, Alsace Lait, Beurre Charente Poitou, Beurre d’Isigny, Bionat, Boncolac, Boud’chou, Candia, Candyup, Cantorel, Capitoul, Celtilait, Crest, Cœur de Lion, Couturier, Echiré, Even, Even santé industrie, Entremont, Eurosérum, Ermitage, GLAC, Grand Fermage, Grand Lait, Isigny, Juragruyère, Kergall, La Vie de Château, Le Rustique, Lescure, Le Bougon, Le petit Vendéen, Les Fayes, Maestrella, Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin, Mamie Nova, Mélusine, Nactalia, Nutribio, Oriane, Oui aux petits producteurs, Pastourel, Paysan Breton, Régilait, Renard Gillard, Riches Monts, Roquefort, Saint-Loup, Savoie Yaourt, Silhouette, Siffert, Soignon, Surgères, Terroir de France, Tome de Lomont, Tradition Fruitière, Valcrest, Verneuil, Yoplait…

Governing bodies

FNCL’s Governing Board and Committees

Governing Board

Between 25 and 28 members are elected for three years by the General Assembly of member cooperatives. It elects the Chair, Secretary-General and the Bureau. All its members sit on the board of dairy cooperatives as partners and milk producers.

Economic Committee

This committee coordinates the action of the managers and elected representatives of cooperatives who represent FNCL vis-à-vis institutions.

Employment Committee

This committee is in charge of issues regarding the cooperative collective agreement, employment policy and professional training.

Technical Committee

This committee is in charge of issues concerning dairy farms and milk production.

Governing board members

Key facts

Structural data

  • More than 260 cooperatives
  • 45,000 cooperative partners
  • 20,000 employees                                       
  • Revenues : eapproximately €11 billion
  • 54% of collected cow's milk
  • 62% of collected goat's milk                     
  • 45% of processed cow's milk

Market share of dairy cooperations (tonnage)

  • Consumer milk: 66%
  • Cow’s milk cheese: 43%   
  • Butter: 51%
  • Goat’s cheese: 65%
  • Powders: 53%
  • Ultra-fresh products: 20%

Regional network

Regional federations

FNCL is supported by a network of regional federations. It coordinates local cooperative activity, representing the interests of their territories and providing an interface with national action.

FNCL’s regional correspondents:

  • Pierre-François Bernard & Jean-François Laval (Alpes Jura)
  • Sébastien Grymonpon (Nord)
  • Bruno Lechartre (Sud-Ouest)
  • Isabelle Lesage (Ouest)
  • Jérémie Bosch (Rhône-Alpes Auvergne)
  • Charles Martin (Nord Est)
  • Jean-Pierre Secq (Charente-Poitou)

The Technical and Advisory Board for Dairy Farming Promotion (BTPL)

FNCL is a member of BTPL, which offers advice and expertise to dairy farmers, dairy companies and their partners to help them adapt to their environment.