Recommended sites for information on the dairy industry

  • The French dairy industry and organizations

    IPLC is an association in charge of ensuring consumer milk quality.

    FNPL is a union aiming to protect the interests of milk producers, especially with public authorities.

    Syndifrais is an independent trade organization for manufacturers of fresh dairy products.

    FNCL is a union of 60 dairy cooperative groups and 200 cheese cooperatives. It is committed to promoting the cooperative business model.

    A wealth of information on the various branches of the dairy industry.


  • Dairy products

    Site on cheeses carrying an Appellation d’Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin) label, a guarantee of authentic regional flavours.

    Everything you need to know about goat’s cheese: its origins, manufacturing processes, range of tastes and characteristics.

  • Food

    CNIEL think-tank on eating habits: a multidisciplinary approach to understanding traditional and contemporary eating habits in France and other countries.

    Milk Factory, the culinary creative lab of the French dairy collective, is a new multidisciplinary space focusing on creative research into dairy products.

    CNIEL’s “culinary circles” are aimed at making butter a source of culinary inspiration by stimulating chefs’ creativity and giving them a voice.

    A repository of nutritional knowledge for health professionals.

  • Specific to dairy professionals

    Website of the French Dairy Industry Commission of Contractual Practices, which was created by CNIEL to help cow’s milk producers, economic stakeholders and processors with any questions that they may have when negotiating or executing their contracts.

  • Partners

    Actalia’s overall mission is to optimize, monitor, promote and improve knowledge of dairy production in farms, small-scale enterprises and industrial plants, through general-interest research and private services.

    Idele aims to improve the competitiveness of herbivore farmers and their industries. Its work offers solutions to cow, sheep, goat and horse farmers, the economic stakeholders of these businesses, and citizen consumers, while taking into account the diversity of national territories and farming systems.

    For farmers who adhere to it, the Charter is a tool for improving and self-assessing practices. For consumers, it is a source of information, an “open book” that anyone can consult for complete transparency on the ways in which farmers work.

    France Conseil Elevage represents 82 departmental and interdepartmental bodies that manage dairy monitoring at cow or goat farms.


    French National Institute for Agricultural Research.

    French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Recommended sites

    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)