Milk: suitable for all kinds of transformation

The same milk can produce many different dairy products: butter, cheese, yoghurt, fresh cream...
In 2016, 24.6 billion litres of milk were collected. How were they transformed?

Milk: suitable for all kinds of transformation

Recommended for a healthy diet

  • Three dairy products a day

    The French National Nutrition and Health Programme (PNNS)

    “Three dairy products a day” are recommended by PNNS, a health programme introduced by the French authorities in 2001. The aim is to improve French health by providing dietary recommendations that combine healthy benefits with eating pleasure.

  • The nutritionnal benefits of milk

    Nutritional benefits: the same benefits whatever the dairy product

    All dairy products have the same origins and therefore the same basic ingredients.

    Nevertheless, the manufacturing process influences the product’s final composition, so cheese contains more calcium than milk at equal quantities.

    However, the actual quantities consumed should be taken into account: people easily drink a 100 ml glass of milk but rarely eat 100 g of cheese! When portion sizes are considered, the nutritional benefits are roughly equivalent.

  • Health benefits offered by milk
    • Growth and healthy bones/teeth
    • Recuperation after sport
    • Positive impact on the intestinal flora and digestion
    • Reduces cardiovascular risks
Milk: proteins for athletes