FNPL’s primary mission: defend the interests of dairy producers


  • Defend the interests of French dairy producers.
  • Promote responsible trade unionism, closely reflecting farmers’ concerns and the specific needs of dairy-producing areas. FNPL is supported by a network of departmental and regional dairy federations.
  • Build a realistic and positive image of the industry. FNPL plays a proactive role in helping farmers to manage change in the dairy world.
  • Be the leading representative vis-à-vis the different organisations that decide on the future of the industry. FNPL presents proposals both at a national and European level on key subjects such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the price of milk, milk quality, etc.
  • Anticipate major changes in the industry, such as the end of dairy quotas, contractualization, how dairy producers are organised, etc.

Governing bodies

How FNPL is organized: a Governing Board representing the French dairy industry

FNPL’s Governing Board is elected by France’s dairy regions for a three-year term, with 45 seats attributed to regions based on the size of their dairy production. The FNPL Bureau, also elected for three years, is made up of 14 members and is the operational team that implements the decisions taken by the Governing Board.
FNPL’s budget is 70-percent funded by membership fees.

Bureau members

Thierry RoquefeuilChair
Marie-Thérèse BonneauSecretary-General
Patrick Ramet 1st Vice Chair

Regional network

Regional correspondents, close to lacal dairy farmers

FNPL is supported by a network of departmental and regional dairy federations. This network is coordinated by regional correspondents.

Carte des correspondants régionaux FNPL